The G2M Creatives crew went to the beautiful city of Sango Ota for the video shoot of Maami single on June 27 2020. The song Maami is the debut single of Mrs. Ituah, aka Sholex who has been singing professionally for a while before recording Maami.

The song Maami, is a nostalgic memory of her childhood and her relationship with her mother while growing up. The song which extols the virtues of motherhood, depicts the various ways a regular African mother raises their children, such as showing love and care, but also wielding the big stick to discipline the child when there is a need for it.

In Maami, Sholex portrayed scenes where instead of abusing her as a naughty child, her mother will pray for her and declare blessings on her.

Sung in honor of her mother in particular, Sholex thanks her mother for her upright bringing and prays for God to bless her. Maami is a song to celebrate the mothers and can be played in any occasion.

Showcasing the beautiful landscapes of Ota and a touch of africanness in the costumes and props, Maami brings home the cultural rendition of African parent-children relationship and values.

Maami was directed by GP Okoh, and produced by G2M Creatives, Dancers- J’Mahz Royal Gems Dance Academy, Video vixens- Tobiloba Adebayo, Tunmise Adebayo, Akudo Abengowe.

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